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March 31, 2017

Vegas Technology Slots Software

Vegas Technology began under a different name in 1996 as an e-commerce business, but that soon spun into a wide array of Java-based casino games that were truly innovative at the time. Then, in 2003, they merged with English Harbour Gaming Ventures, which improved the security of the suite immensely. Now, they had a platform that is as secure, challenged, stable and user-friendly as any other is.

Vegas Technology has full support for US slots players, and all current Vegas Technology-based casinos take full advantage of that. Vegas Technology also offers 80+ slots, which may seem a tad on the low side since so many casinos claim much more. But in those cases, players are dealing with a great deal of diversity. With Vegas Technology, players get 80+ distinct slots that run the gamut from classic to modern and from beginner to expert.

Deposits & Promotions

One mark against Vegas Technology is that it does not offer a wide range of baking options, which is odd considering its roots. Nevertheless, it does support all of the most common formats. All banking options are free, but minimums tend to be a bit higher than most, with wire transfers being as high as $1,000.

Most Vegas Technology casinos offer a 100-150% welcome bonus, but the maximum match tends to be relatively low. Some offer as much as $800, but they spread it out over three or more deposits. One thing Vegas Technology does quite well is online slot tournaments, and regular slot players will regularly receive entry into freeroll tournaments.

Software Pros - Vegas Technology

  • Extremely secure and stable
  • Intuitive and fun to play
  • Great graphics and atmosphere
  • Excellent slots selection
  • Flash version

Software Cons

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