Chartwell Slots Casinos

March 31, 2017

Chartwell Slots Software

The Chartwell platform has been around since 1998, and its claim to fame is being entirely no-download. This makes Chartwell extremely versatile. Clients can access their account wherever they have Internet access, and casino developers can easily translate their games to smartphones and other devices. Because of this, Chartwell does not offer a huge range of games. But their tight focus allows for games that are intricate, accessible and truly unique.

Due to US law, Chartwell cannot license itself to US-based online casinos, and since there is not a big demand from their casino clients for these same reasons, they have never integrated support. It would be nice to see that change someday since there is no other slots option quite as accessible as this one. Slots players who like to play in short burst wherever they may be will certainly get a lot out of the Chartwell platform even with its small slots selection.

Deposits & Promotions

The Chartwell platform uses a proprietary banking system called CyberBanx. CyberBanx allows its casino clients to support the full range of banking options, but the options supported, as well as surcharges and other limitations, varies greatly from one Chartwell-powered casino to the next. This is even truer with bonuses since casinos often have a proprietary framework for the system. Chartwell does not include support for slots tournaments and the like.

Software Pros - Chartwell

  • No download
  • Retrieves only the bits you need as you need them
  • Updates transparently

Software Cons

  • Some Chartwell casinos require download
  • Graphics, music and sound are so-so
  • Options are very specific to a particular slots machine

List of Chartwell Casinos